£3m of renewable heat fund allocated to improve heating in social housing

BCC Joins SFHA as Commercial Associates

Glasgow-based procurement specialists Business Cost Consultants (BCC) are delighted to announce their partnership with the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

They join SFHA as Commercial Associates, enabling them to build on existing, UK-wide experience and expertise within the housing sector. In addition, Business Cost Consultants offer SFHA members competitive utility and other procurement services and management services.

From OJEU tendering, to ongoing bill management and cost-saving services, BCC has over 20 years’ experience in procuring and managing utilities. Having won various housing association contracts throughout the UK, some of which are with existing SFHA members, BCC has a proven track record in this area and are fully compliant with the latest OJEU regulations.

BCC brings not only this strong commercial expertise to SFHA, but also a strong background in compliance and energy efficiency management. They have an expert team who are up to date with the latest legislation and who proactively prepare and share information to educate and motivate utility users into becoming more energy efficient. That expertise extends to sourcing grants, soft loans and sources of funding for energy conservation projects. For example, we are currently working with the SECC to help them reduce their energy consumption by about £200,000 per annum.

We are now into our 22nd year trading as a completely independent cost consultancy. We take no fees or commissions as we are not brokers, and we have no deals with any preferred suppliers. With typical cost reductions of between 5% to 20% on energy costs per year for clients, we are delighted to continue our cost-saving journey as associates with SFHA.

Donald MacLean, Managing Director of Business Cost Consultants said of the commercial association:

“We are pleased to be working closely with the SFHA. When funding is tight and there is pressure on housing associations to reduce carbon emissions, we can bring 22 years of experience to help them significantly reduce their costs in about 20 areas and help them comply with environmental legislation in cost effective ways. There is plenty of funding available for energy and water conservation projects, if you know where to find them. Although our initial expertise was built on being totally independent utility consultants, we have extended into many other areas. For example, we were recently able to reduce insurance costs for a client by about 60% by thinking outside the box.”

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