How to Avoid Wasteful Office Technology

One of the trickiest jobs in the workplace is trying to decide on and justify new office technology. It can be difficult to determine what products will be the best value for money, or whether or not certain equipment will prove useful in aiding employees to produce the most efficient output in their day-to-day work.

Here are a few things to consider before you get seduced by the latest gadgets:

Determine need and usage

New technology hits the shelves all the time, and it can be easy to get distracted with the latest hi-tech phones, tablets and computing devices. However, the newest or flashiest may not be the best tech for your business. The latest equipment should have a solid practical application in day-to-day work in order to justify office investment.

For example, vital software updates are necessary not only to ensure your device is running with the most up-to-date capabilities, but also to ensure maximum security on your device. The older the equipment, the more prone to security attacks, so it’s worth keeping software up to date, or sourcing suitable replacement equipment if this isn’t possible.

Additionally, you should consider equipment that can provide a service or assistance that other tech in your office currently can’t. Could different equipment make things more efficient or practical for your workforce?

Determine level of support needed

Some office technology can be purchased without any further support required. For instance, you may buy a printer which fits your needs, and has replacement ink and paper readily available to purchase online at your time of need. However, you may be in the market for a suite of new computers or smart devices. Some staff may require training to work with new models and software. Inevitably you will need anti-virus and security software, not to mention other applications or software which your employees use regularly. In addition, you may need ongoing support in case anything goes wrong – a crashed computer, missing files or much worse.

It’s important to determine the level of support required after the procurement stage, as this could prevent technology being unnecessarily out of use while you find someone who can repair it. Additionally, it could save you costs in the long term if you can agree a package incorporating the technology, software and support needed.

Find the best deal

The best deal isn’t always necessarily what you can find on a quick Google search, or flash PC World sale. Utilising the knowledge of a person or organisation with vast experience in procuring office equipment can be far more cost-effective in the long term.

As we’ve said, the best deal could be a package offer which includes technology, software and support in one. Or it could be the case that you purchase from a supplier who gives you a great rate for staying with them as your business, and therefore technology needs, grow. If you already have a great IT support team in your organisation, you may benefit from different deals.

Taking the time to compare options or find the most effective deals isn’t always something you may have the luxury of in your business. And it can be hard to predict which technology will be a passing fad vs which will be worthwhile and offer a lasting positive impact for your business. That’s where procurement professionals like the team at Business Cost Consultants come in.

We do all the groundwork, assessing your company’s needs and usage before looking for the best deals specific to your company. This ensures that firstly, you don’t pay over the odds for your office tech, and secondly, that there’s no wastage of technology overall. We then work with you after procurement to ensure you are always able to save costs in this area.

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