Holiday Season: Outsourcing v In House Provision

Now that we are getting into summer holiday season, many businesses will have a regular flow of staff on annual leave over the next few months. Whilst it’s normal practice to have a holiday cover policy or expectations in place, this isn’t normally something we consider extending to business services. This can cover anything from … Continued

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5 Small Office Energy Saving Tips

When it comes to costs in the office, energy bills are usually the highest thanks to constant computer and equipment use. However, there are a few tips that employers and staff can adopt to minimise both energy waste and costs. 1 Turn off PCs Yes, PCs are essential to most daily tasks and get around … Continued

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Are Gas Prices Set to Drop

Earlier this year, a global abundance of gas forced down the price of the fuel. This was not only lower than anticipated, but also came in at the lowest price levels seen in over a decade. Since then it doesn’t appear that this drop in supplier price has been passed on to businesses and consumers. … Continued

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