Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

When it comes to minimising water costs in your  organisation, the main objective is to negotiate the best deal based on your water consumption. However, there are also a few pointers business owners and employees can adopt in order to reduce water consumption and therefor costs in the long term. Get a water audit The … Continued

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Procurement – Saving More than Money

When it comes to the likes of energy procurement, many people believe it’s solely about the costs that can be saved in terms of regular billing. However, if you have the right procurement strategy, there are many other ways in which you can save, allowing your business to run much more efficiently. Buying your energy … Continued

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Online Expense – Is your digital marketing presence working for you?

Every business, whether B2B or B2C, nowadays requires an online presence in order to reach and engage with both existing and potential customers or clients. However, having an online presence alone is not enough – it should be working for you and offering return on your investment. One of the newest services Business Cost Consultants … Continued

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Business Cost Consultants Expand Range of Services

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our cost saving services beyond utility management, offering an encompassing solution for our clients. Additional services which Business Cost Consultants can now offer clients include insurance, office supplies, janitorial supplies, printing and document management, social media management, secure shredding, expert advice on construction services, industrial and commercial cleaning … Continued

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Switch My Energy – Our Domestic and Housing Association Energy Comparison Website

At Business Cost Consultants we don’t just focus solely on energy savings for our commercial clients – we can also help find the best domestic deals too. Our Switch My Energy comparison service is designed for our clients, which include housing associations, their tenants and their staff. How does it work? Like most energy comparison … Continued

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Do you have the right telecoms system for your business?

One thing that most successful businesses rely on is a good telecoms infrastructure in order to succeed. Whether using telephone, fax, internet or mobile technology, you need to have the telecoms solution which works best for your business. As can be the case with many organisations, once a telecoms system has been set up and … Continued

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Business Cost Consultants Launch New Database Software

Business Cost Consultants is pleased to announce that our new database system Phoenix goes live on September 1st, 2016. We have been dilligently working throughout the last nine months, developing a bespoke database system that will revolutionise the way that we can manage our client utility portfolios, deliver tailored reporting and so that we can … Continued

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Business Cost Consultants Maximise Savings for DC Thomson

One of Scotland’s biggest media organisations, DC Thomson, recently acquired the services of Business Cost Consultants to help lower their office costs. Fending off stiff competition from eight energy managers throughout the UK, this substantial contract was won by Business Cost Consultants. DC Thomson Group is headquartered in Dundee, but also has a significant presence … Continued

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Managing Utilities in High Capacity Venues

Due to the nature of high capacity venues like stadiums or exhibition centres, utilities are often in constant use over a short period of time. However, during non-match or non-event periods, virtually no electricity, gas or water will be used. This can make it more difficult to manage, as any problems could go undetected for … Continued

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Reduce water costs – conduct a water audit

Why Use an Independent Cost Consultant?

When it comes to arranging utility provision and everyday services for your business, many organisations opt to do this in-house. Whilst there is a feeling that this could save on resources and the cost of hiring brokers, it could actually cost you more in the long term. Using an independent cost consultant is more beneficial to … Continued

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