New Tax Rules Can Mean Big Savings for Data Centres

Organisations which use over 6 million kWhs of electricity per annum legally have to join the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (the CRC). This means that they have to pay a tax on the carbon emissions they generate. Currently it is about £16 per ton, but does vary. If you are in the CRC, … Continued

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Three resolutions to lower energy costs in your business

Many of us write personal New Year resolutions to help us improve our lives. Why not consider how New Year resolutions can improve the performance of your company, or organisation? Here are some tips: Saving Energy & Water Saving energy can be as simple as placing reminder notices beside switches to remind staff to switch … Continued

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Five common myths about business energy contracts

Energy costs are very volatile. In any year, non-domestic energy prices can rise or fall by over 50%. There are many myths about how to procure energy contracts successfully for an organisation so let’s look at some of the more common ones… “By shopping around, I can get the best prices and make good savings” … Continued

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Five situations that business may require expert energy advice

Energy management is something that concerns any type of business and is something they should all aim to manage. Whilst many businesses can successfully manage this in-house there are a few situations in which many businesses will consider recruiting expert help. Building a new premise or moving to a new site with no consumption data … Continued

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