5 Reasons to Outsource Cleaning Services

Many businesses use in-house staff for their daily cleaning duties, however this is not always cost effective or a practical use of staff time. Here are 5 reasons why your business should outsource cleaning services:


  1. Quality of service

 First impressions count and your business premises should project an image of professionalism and cleanliness – overflowing bins, dirty toilets and dusty desks project the opposite image. Your in-house cleaner may be a whizz with the vacuum cleaner but a professional commercial cleaning firm will always do a better job due to their years of experience and access to high quality and specialised equipment.


  1. Reduces cost

If your routine cleaning is done in-house, you run the risk of seeing your costs spiraling, due to having to purchase equipment such as vacuums and a steady flow of cleaning products as well as having to hire cleaning and supervisory staff. Additionally, you will also have to pay salaries, holiday pay, insurance and benefits to those staff, all costs which can quickly mount up.

If you outsource your this work, these costs are absorbed by the cleaning services contractor as they provide the equipment, staff and supplies. As they would manage the staff, you don’t need to worry about paying wages or arranging cover. Our aim is to ensure your business receives the appropriate level of quality cleaning at the best value for money.


  1. Your business has access to multiple services

Why hire a separate window cleaner in addition to your cleaning staff? If you outsource to a commercial cleaning firm they will be able to provide staff for additional maintenance services after just a phone call, negating the need to deal with multiple contractors. For example, this could cover carpet cleaning or deep cleans, which could then be planned at regular intervals, leaving you free to deal with the important stuff.


  1. Stability of service for peace of mind

 What happens when your in-house cleaning operative is off sick for a week? You have to spend precious time and resources trying to find a replacement at short notice.  If you outsource to a cleaning company, they will take care of any issues such as sick leave or holiday cover as they will have the resources available to ensure that cleaning cover can be provided all year round. You can rest assured that your office will still be cleaned every day as scheduled and some services even offer the flexibility for on demand cleaning emergencies.


  1. Enhance workplace safety

Outsourcing your cleaning services will limit the chance of your business being involved in on-the-job injury claims, as your employees will not be involved in moving heavy objects, climbing to reach high surfaces or working with chemicals. In addition, as your workplace will be cleaned at regular intervals, you minimize the chance of staff illness through things like bacteria, dust, and germs which are easily transferable, such as the cold virus.


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Our main aim is ensuring you get the best service for your company at the best cost.

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